Inmarsat C


The JUE-87 is a highly reliable mobile satellite message communication system, having the ability to handle commercial, operational and personal messages just as easily as distress and safety communications.



Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) is an IMO required global monitoring system of the ship’s movements. The purpose of LRIT is to increase maritime domain awareness and to improve maritime security.The JUE-95LT is a simple-to-install stand-alone system that will easily and accurately transmit key information to improve the safety of life at sea.



Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS) is a system that contributes to the IMO’s efforts to strengthen maritime security and suppress acts of terrorism and piracy against shipping. In case of attempted piracy or terrorism, the vessel’s SSAS function can be activated and appropriate law-enforcement or military forces can be alerted.The JUE-95SA is a small, lightweight and highly reliable terminal, recognized for its unique role in maritime safety and plays an integral part in the safety of live at sea.



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